Adelaide Breastfeeding Support Lactation Consultant

Providing you with support at home.


Adelaide Breastfeeding Support provides professional, compassionate and non-judgmental postnatal and breastfeeding assistance to mothers and babies who are 

  • struggling with breastfeeding,

  • who have a history of breastfeeding challenges,

  • or who want on-going postnatal care from a known care provider in the first few weeks after birth, regardless of feeding choice.


Consults are conducted in client's homes and/or via Skype and phone. Gift cards are also available to friends and extended family of pregnant and/or breastfeeding women who want to give a lifelong benefit.

Adelaide Lactation Consultant


“I am blessed to have Jen in my life. I was determined to breastfeed but was unable to do it on my own. She was patient and caring in her approach, thorough in her determination to find a solution and her passion for breastfeeding and the mother/child bond is beautiful to watch and be part of. She is constantly educating herself and was able to detect my sons tongue tie when others hadn't. I will be forever in her debt for the love and guidance she provided my son and I. We are now 18 months into our breastfeeding journey and going strong!”


Jessica Skye Ragbir



“As a health professional I highly recommend Jen. Often time, care, support, encouragement and experience is what you are after to assist with breastfeeding and Jen can provide all of this in a non-threatening, supportive, affordable & holistic way”


Cara Louise


"After having a breast reduction for health reasons in my early 20s breast feeding didn't cross my mind. However forward to my first child at 35 I knew I wanted the experience to nurture and bond with my baby boy in this way. I was told that chances were slim because of my past surgery. I made an appointment with Jen as I was determined to try all options. Her advice was unique and non-judgemental. She provided me with all the information I needed to move forward but at no time did she pressure me - she left the choices up to me. Armed with this information I started on a new plan of attack and am now successfully breast feeding my baby boy if not with a few little tricks to make it all work for us. Every mum and her baby has a different journey and I appreciate Jen's help and knowledge on ours. "

Emma Robinson