"Often time, care, support, encouragement and experience are what you are after to assist with breastfeeding"
"Often time, care, support, encouragement and experience are what you are after to assist with breastfeeding"

Why choose Adelaide Breastfeeding Support?

Access to publicly funded Lactation Consultants has dwindled due to lack of funding. Women who birth in the public system may receive one or two visits at most, often from multiple midwives, many of whom are not Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants [IBCLC's] or specialists in postnatal care or home visiting. If you birth in a private hospital you will more than likely receive no breastfeeding support at all once you go home unless you present as an outpatient back to the birthing hospital. 


I have devoted my training and experience to postnatal support and Lactation Consultancy. I am not on-call for births or have  other full-time work so I am available when you need me, offering specialised and consistent advice and support. 

I attend breastfeeding and tongue-tie related conferences and workshops regularly so have up-to-date knowledge and experience.


Did you know that it is estimated that the average cost of formula consumption over the first year of life is $1500-2500!  This is the cost of the product only, and does not factor in allied costs such as bottles, sterilisers etc, nor the the potential on-going costs in terms of health care over the lifespan.


Home visits

The early days and weeks of having a new baby can be a challenging time for lots of different reasons, so having someone come to you in the comfort of your own home and offer professional care and attention is invaluable. You dont need to organise care for other children, wrestle with the car capsule or the pram, or even change out of your pyjamas! I really dont mind if your house is messy, if the dog is present, or the toddler needs lunch - its important to me that you are comfortable, at ease and in control of your experience. 

Visits will be specifically tailored to your individual requirements and situation, and packages are available to suit diversity of need and budget.


A home visit might consist of:

  • an antenatal visit to discuss previous breastfeeding difficulties and how to prevent them recurring

  • comprehensive health history of mum and baby

  • health checks for mum and baby, including post-surgery care, neonatal screening tests etc

  • support for recovery after vaginal, instrumental or cesarean section births

  • breast and nipple care

  • emotional support and debriefing

  • monitoring baby's weight and feeding

  • breastfeeding and formula feeding advice and support

  • checks and advice regarding neonatal jaundice, rashes, 'normal' newborn behaviour

  • diagnosis of any problems with breastfeeding, and referral to allied health professionals if needed

  • help with low supply, breast pumps, engorgement, tandem feeding, weaning etc



An initial home visit is $150 for up to 1.5 hours in your home. Follow-up home visits are $100 an hour.

I offer a follow-up phone call free of charge for every home visit.

Extra travel costs may apply, call me to find out.

Postnatal Care Packages

Postnatal Care Packages are a fabulous way to ensure consistent care in the first weeks of mothering, regardless of whether baby is breastfeeding or formula fed, and are a great gift for the mum-to-be or new mum.

Packages are priced according to need and budget :

Basic Packages are $225 for an initial consult + a follow up consult (worth $250 if bought separately)

Standard Packages are $380 for an initial consult + 3 follow up consults (worth $450 if bought separately)

Deluxe packages are $500 for an initial consult + 5 follow up consults (worth $650 if bought separately)


Packages can be used any way that suits. A Deluxe package might consist of a 1 hour antenatal 'meet and greet', where any concerns or previous history are covered, followed by four 1 hour home visits in the first few weeks, then two half hour Skype or phone consults to follow up. 

It really is up to you - only you know what you need.


Skype/Facetime and Phone consults

Skype/Facetime consults are handy as a follow-up to a previous visit, or are really useful if the cost of travel to you is prohibitive. Fast and reliable internet access is a must so I can have a good look at what's going on! 

Phone consults are offered only as follow-up to previous home or Skype/Facetime consults.

Both Skype/Facetime and phone consults are a minimum $50 for half an hour or part thereof, 


Gift Certificates

The perfect baby shower gift for the mum-to-be or new mum!

Imagine having the peace of mind of knowing that professional support is on hand whenever you need it - now that is a gift. 


Payments can be made via direct debit, Paypal or Square - contact me before any payment is made to ensure I have availability when you need it.