Adelaide Breastfeeding Support - professional, compassionate and non-judgmental assistance when you need it.

About Me

Adelaide Breastfeeding Support is run by me, Jen [Jennifairy] Gillett RM & IBCLC.

I have been a Registered Midwife since 2004 and Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) since 2012, specialising in breastfeeding support as a Community Midwife and  Country Home Link home visiting  Lactation Consultant through Mount Barker Hospital since 2008.


I offer postnatal and breastfeeding assistance to parents and babies who are struggling with breastfeeding, who have a history of breastfeeding challenges, or who want on-going postnatal care from a known care provider in the first few weeks after birth regardless of how their baby is feeding.


I have particular interests and experience in

  • attachment issues,

  • low milk supply,

  • using or weaning from nipple shields,

  • tongue ties and palate issues,

  • supporting parents who are exclusively pumping, 

  • transitioning from supplementary or bottle feeding to breast. 

  • supporting rainbow (LGBTQI) parents and families,

  • assisting breastfeeding of multiple babies [multiple births and/or mixed age feeding]

  • and debriefing and counselling parents through the post-birth recovery journey.


I am a member of the Australian Breastfeeding Association [ABA], and Lactation Consultants of Australia and New Zealand [LCANZ].


I can visit you at your home or consult via Skype or phone.